April 21, 4:00 pm


On April 21th, we’ll witness the sun setting behind the trees by Lake Lisi. Then, we’ll light a fire and feel the magic of music merging with the sounds of nature. It will be bright and wonderful.

Because we’ll gather at the most anticipated concert of the spring – the Music Saves The World music festival. 

The festival will be taking place in Tbilisi for the third time.

Over 20 participants from around the world will perform their best work: Jazz, Blue Grass, World Music, Indie, and Contemporary Folk.

“The talented musicians participating in the festival are unique, talented masters, including both acclaimed legends and emerging artists. Our festival will last for over 4 hours and will be held in a wonderful venue that seems tailor-made for it. There will be a magical atmosphere and fantastic music,” says the idea’s author, Maria Semushkina, an international music producer and creator of the iconic Usadba Jazz Festival.

See you very soon.



  • ⁠16.00 Doors Open
  • 16.30-17.00 ⁠Platan Shades
  • 17.10-17.30 ⁠Marika Maksakova
  • 17.40-18.10 Anton Mikhaylov
  • 18.20-18.50 ⁠IYA
  • 19.00-19.30 Artem Khaustov 
  • 20.00-20.45 Keel The Barber
  • 20.50- 23.50 ⁠Dj’s 


The Platan Shades – an acoustic trio based in Tbilisi, Georgia, bringing the soulful sounds of bluegrass, old-time music, and Americana. Comprised of a talented ensemble featuring violin, guitar, and double bass, The Platan Shades deliver a captivating fusion of traditional American folk genres with their unique flair.

Margarita Chernyshevskaya – violin

Ivan Lipatov – double bass

Alexey Samojlenko – guitar

Anton Mikhailov Jazz Trio – Anton Mikhailov’s project features original contemporary jazz music that explores the harmonic and rhythmic diversity of music from various epochs. This classic trio demonstrates the vast potential of improvisational music and the extent to which improvisation can evolve in both sound and composition. The musicians, each with significant experience across various genres, delve into exploring their own musical boundaries within the project:

– Anton Mikhailov – a pianist, composer, and arranger, who works in both the classical performance realm and commercial media composition.

– Alexey Fomenko – a talented drummer with extensive experience in various styles, exploring modern music and original accompaniment methods.

– Ivan Lipatov – a bassist, also with a rich session background in various genres, a researcher of musical sound and an integral part of the trio.

IYASinger-songwriter, composer. Works in different genres – starting with classic, crossover, and film music and also hip-hop and electronic music projects, writes lyrics in several languages

Artem Khaustov (piano) – composer, musician, multi-instrumentalist.

Keel the Barber! – multigenre rock band, mixing with their sound tenderness of post-rock, the mystery of psychedelic folk music, passion of post-punk, emotional vocals, progressive structures, and theatrical/cinematic vision style.

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